Minnesota Premiere
Web Series (Pilot) 4 minutes
A mockumentary about absurd laws that still exist in the US.
Genres: Comedy
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Best Series Pilot
Real Laws in Real Places
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Joyce and Tammy find themselves on house arrest after breaking a law they didn't know existed. They figure out their next move as they and their cohorts from the cheese factory are interviewed in this mockumentary about silly laws around the United States.
Perspectives: Women
Studio: Megawatt Pixie Productions
Producers: Cristina DoikosLiz Samuel
From: United States
Produced In: United States
Directors: Cristina DoikosLiz Samuel
Writers: Cristina DoikosLiz Samuel
Lead Actors: Cristina DoikosLiz Samuel
Supporting Actors: Darin F. Earl IIBob CelliKate GreerJoe GiocoLaralu SmithBecca McLartyChris Matteis
Composers: Cristina DoikisLiz Samuel
Key Crew: Cristina DoikosLiz SamuelAmy Leland

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