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Long-Form Pilots
Though most people think of the pilot as the first episode of a series, it can be any episode designed to make people want to watch more. The purpose of the pilot can be to help the creators raise money or get other support for doing a complete season. Sometimes the goal of the pilot of simply to raise interest in a season that is about to be release.

In this virtual screening block, watch the long-form (greater than 15 minutes) pilots from our pilots competition.
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NORTHBOUND: Hannah's Way NORTHBOUND: Hannah's Way

NORTHBOUND: Hannah's Way

Set in the near future, NORTHBOUND: Hannah's Way introduces the two scientists behind a mysterious cataclysm that has decimated North America, setting the stage for the final season of this post-apocalyptic web series.
25 minutes
How to Hack Birth Control How to Hack Birth Control

How to Hack Birth Control

Pilot Synopsis

‘How to Hack Birth Control’ is a 3-segment pilot of the satire series 'How to Hack' by Sassy Mohen. The pilot focuses on how to navigate and take charge in today’s contraception universe. Told through the sharp wit and perky charm of the narrator Ruth (Xanthe Paige), Birth Control takes a run at ‘not supposed to talk about,’ scenarios and answers all of the questions women truly want to know but are taught to be too afraid to ask.

Filled with tongue-in-cheek graphics and special effects, musical numbers and game shows, each memorable contraceptive milestone is a riotous new discovery. Hailed as, “wickedly funny,” and “charmingly scathing,” by Indie Shorts Magazine, ‘How to Hack Birth Control,’ dishes out invaluable hacks with a merciless sense of humor.


Season Synopsis

“How to Hack,” looks for optimism within today’s doom and gloom surrounding women’s reproductive rights, dishing out well-researched facts and hacks with merciless humor to help you laugh through the darkness. The episodes take seemingly unrelated characters & circumstances and carefully weave them together to paint a bigger and complete picture. Using sketch comedy, surreal CGI and late-night comedy humor, How to Hack fuses it all together with a sleek modern visual style.

Aiming to shine the cleansing light of satire on today’s challenging topics, ‘How to Hack,’ spotlights everything women were told never to talk about. From birth control, to conception, boobs, infertility and the female orgasm there is no taboo topic ‘How to Hack,’ won’t tear apart and stitch back together with laughter.
27 minutes
Zero Method Zero Method

Zero Method

Zero Method is a Sci-fi/Action digital series about Ethan "Zero" Lock, an ordinary man thrust into the role of renegade chrono-refugee, after an accident sends him 62 years into the future.

Now, stuck in a time where travel to the past is only temporary, and crime is the only option, a rogue group will help him risk everything to break the laws of physics -and time itself- to get back and stay back. Permanently.
22 minutes
The girl who dreamed of being a llama (and the boy who wanted to be blind) The girl who dreamed of being a llama (and the boy who wanted to be blind)

The girl who dreamed of being a llama (and the boy who wanted to be blind)

Every afternoon, a young girl and a boy meet in front of a llama's enclosure to talk about their lives. Hanna dreams of having the llama’s strength and wisdom. She sees the llama as a fallen king with only one thing on his mind: leaving this place and returning to his kingdom. Adam suffers from a visual hypersensitivity; too sensitive to constantly be admiring the beauty of the world, he has to close his eyes to avoid having seizures.
A teenage girl and a pre-teen boy lost surrounded by adults still seeking their true self. Laura, Hanna's mother, on the verge of depression. Ivan, her stepfather, unable to communicate his feelings. Kristen, Adam's mother, stuck in a fixed mindset. The Wolf, the repentant hunter who wanders in the woods...
The llama's enclosure will become a safe place, sheltered from the outside world. A refuge where two very different beings, Hanna and Adam, will form, over Frank the llama, a bond that will wake up their awareness of their own singularities. Through each other' s eyes, they will realise that their differences are true gifts to face life’s challenges. At night, before the starry sky, Frank reflects on the daily discussions.
19 minutes
The Tall Bike Joust The Tall Bike Joust

The Tall Bike Joust

Slightly misguided (but up for anything) people from various walks of life meet in a craft brewery's parking lot to joust on bicycles of double the normal height, raise money for a nonprofit bicycle shop that focuses on urban transportation equity, and to joyously celebrate life in all of its absurdity.

Uniquely blending documentary and scripted elements, this very real tournament is presented by hosts from a SportsCenter-esque studio as though it is a live event of international significance—like the Super Bowl or World Cup—and the jousters hyped as the superheroes they so clearly are.

THE TALL BIKE JOUST originally served as a pilot for SMART PEOPLE BEING STUPID—an unscripted TV/ web series traveling the nation to find intelligent and successful people who engage in random, silly, and seemingly pointless events the general public does not even know exists. But, given the success of this pilot and of the underground sport of tall bicycle jousting, this project also now serves as a pilot for THE TALL BIKE JOUST WORLD CUP—an arced series following five jousters from the pilot as they earn points in tall bicycle jousting tournaments across the southeast and strive to be crowned the year-end champion.
18 minutes
In Hops We Trust In Hops We Trust

In Hops We Trust

In Hops We Trust is a documentary series collaboration between film makers and craft beer industry pioneers. We look to tell the stories behind the beers.
16 minutes

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